Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis is a complete filtration process that will produce very pure drinking water, removing both unwanted particles and dissolved contaminants. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is such a thorough process, however, that with many RO systems the filtered water can be slightly acidic and taste a bit flat, as even beneficial minerals are filtered out. To balance this effect, all Balcen RO systems incorporate a calcite & coconut shell carbon post-filter, which adds in calcium, neutralizes the pH, and improves the taste of the water.

For homes and businesses with municipal (city) water, we recommend our basic 4-stage system, which filters out chlorine, fluoride, and other common additives. The calcite & carbon post-filter re-introduces calcium and alkalizes your drinking water.

Well water often has high levels of iron, sulfur, and/or manganese, but each well is unique. After learning about your water's specific characteristics, we can tailor our 5-stage system with the appropriate pre-filter to remove excess particles, extending the life and performance of the RO membranes. Additionally, our custom well-water systems utilize either a permeate pump or a booster pump to raise the water pressure in the system, increasing efficiency and reducing waste water.

Balcen RO systems are designed to be installed under the kitchen sink. They can be mounted in the under-sink cabinet or in the basement below the sink area. We consider this to be an advanced do-it-yourself project, but for those who would like assistance, we are available for expert installation, or to consult with you or your professional plumber if you have any questions.

We love our RO systems! We feel they are a good fit for many situations and are a great value. Our systems are designed using industry-standard filters and components so that you are not locked into buying parts that are one-source or difficult to find. Free yourself from bottled water, save money, and improve your health with clean, pure, delicious drinking water, right from your tap!