PLC Control Systems

PLC Control

We design and build PLC (programmable logic controller) systems for Reverse Osmosis equipment and water management systems. These controls are used in all Balcen standard and custom SWRO (Seawater Reverse Osmosis) systems. Our PLC systems feature industrial-grade controllers and sensors that monitor pressure, flow, temperature, water level, and water quality. These control systems are durable, reliable, and adaptable to suit the application. 

Each system is unique. Please contact us for pricing.

Standard R.O. Control System Features & Benefits:

(The standard feature set can be modified to suit your requirements.)

  • Controls are housed inside a waterproof NEMA4 enclosure for protection from the marine evironment

  • Optional second full-control panel easily installed at a remote location

  • Automatic fresh water flush after each use and every 7 days

  • Continuous fresh water quality monitoring

  • High- and low-pressure monitoring with safety alarms

  • Fresh water flow rate monitoring protects membrane performance and optimizes service life

  • Automatic shut down for system protection

  • Error text messages suggest remedies

  • Wiring Diagram and Operator Instructions included in documentation


Balcen Control System Diagram

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Access for monitoring and control on Internet via ethernet or a cellular GSM/GPRS network.


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Here is a Screen Shot of a web page for remote monitor and control of a 5000-Gallon-per-day Sea Water Reverse Osmosis system:

Web page screen for RO system monitor and control

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Each system is unique. Please contact us for pricing.